Film-Son Of A Betcha

Son of a Betcha is the sequel to Betcha Can't Eat Just One. The YouTube videos below were posted by Gardner. These videos are the end result of a number of generations of transforming the original Super 8 film into digital format and the quality has been seriously degraded. In addition, YouTube, in their infinite wisdom and in kowtowing to the corporate interests who manage our favorite rock and roll groups from the time (such as Led Zeppelin), has muted the soundtrack of some of these videos (there is [probably] nothing wrong with the sound on your computer if you don't hear the soundtrack).

The good news is that Huber is working on remastering and redigitizing the original media using all the sophisticated digital tools available today including the free labor of students under his mentorship. So come back and, sooner or later (the actual release date is a big secret known only to Huber), you will find video resembling or possibly even surpassing the quality of the original.