BUYA August 2021

The Texas Legislature

August 2021 Bug Up Your Ass Award Winner

Well, it has been awhile since we've had a deserving winner of the BUYA Award. This time it was not one of our RHS Class of 1969 classmates, but I'll bet a lot of them will be complaining about this one on David's Message Forum.

The Texas Legislature. Run by Republicans. Herded around by Republican Governor Greg Abbot. Here's what they did in August 2021.

They passed a bill outlawing almost all abortions. By "almost all", I mean that weathly Republcian women will still be able to get abortions when they want them, but women who do not fall into that category are shit out of luck. Screw freedom, right?

They also got through a bill that allows anyone to openly carry a gun without a license or training of any kind whatsover. That's just what we need to ensure that the Second Amendment isn't tarnished in any way. And, hey, we have to have freedom!

Now here's what they didn't do. The big state-supported institution that guarantees the availability of affordable electricity to every Texan -- ERCOT: Electricity Reliability Council Of Texas -- failed miserably in February allowing much of Texas to go without electricity during a snowstorm with incredible expense and even death as a result. Governor Abbot gave himself and fellow Republicans a pass on this one and did absolutely nothing to fix ERCOT. Why? 

So to the Republican-led Texas Legislature we gladly give you the August 2021 BUYA Award and say to you, "Booyah! You need a lot of drinks!"