Kelley Haralson

Kelley left RHS with his love of golf intact, and rambled around for a few years. He spent time in and out of school, hung a lot of sheetrock ​while practicing construction skills, rode dirt bikes, lived for a while in New York, married and divorced. Then, he looked around and realized there weren’t any old men hanging sheetrock and decided God must have more in mind for him. He headed to Texas Tech​ and pursued a degree in Accounting​.​

After a pretty amazing time at Tech helping to lead a youth group (FNTC), skiing, and studying, he ​moved into real adult life. He ​became a CPA, married Sheila, ​and ​moved to Kilgore (with the intention of moving back to city life later). ​​ Kelley worked in a few CPA positions and eventually had his own practice. ​

While some live to work, Kelley worked to live, and he rounded out life in several ways. ​He followed his ​passion and​​ competitive spirit through a series of sports. He mastered bass fishing, racquetball, bicycle racing, and hunting. But, through it all, he maintained his lifelong love of golf, and always made time to play.​ Liking a challenge, he once took a year off from sports and put his construction skills to work building a family home (with a little help from some friends).

Along the way, he and Sheila raised three great kids and now have two grandkids that make life fun. ​​ Since life in Kilgore was full and blessed (and didn’t have traffic jams like those on Central Expressway), he and Sheila never moved back to the city.​​ ​

Life happens, and Kelley had a series of strokes before ​a mysterious disease ran its course.​ He fought his way through extensive rehab, but his communication skills were left severely damaged. Forced to retire early, he still enjoys golf. He kept his sense of humor and loves being with people. He ​recently pulled out his RHS yearbook for a good laugh. Sheila’s comment was, “Wow, Kelley! These guys all look so normal (in a 1969 kind of way)...did you know you were surrounded by greatness?”

Sadly, Kelley passed away on October 11, 2022. We'll miss Kelley's big smile and cheerful nature!