Phil Huber

Harken back to the days of yore, when I was a mere child.  I’m talking, of course, of my beginning second grade at the school at the corner of Belt Line and Floyd, which forever and inexorably created a link, even a bond to many of the people who are still together in some way even today – call it the Heights gang, or group or mob – but the kids at Heights from way back when are still together after all these years. OK, that’s enough gooey mushy

The JFK assassination just a few miles away when it was 7th grade time---that was during the formative years.   I became engaged to the news business and we never broke up. I’m fundamentally a lot less punny and certainly not as witty as, well, Keene, for instance.  We each  have our roles, our lots, and I veer toward nerdy, but we mostly complement each other in this group. I’m techie.  I somehow managed a career that took me around the world and caused me to be a circus performer’s shill on more than one occasion, which pleased my girls and their friends to no end (knowing Ringling Brothers clowns by their first names is always a good thing when you have young’uns) ----so it’s been a pretty good ride.

But enough about me…let’s go make a movie!