Steve Keene

Steve Keene, aka Stephen R. Keene, aka T-bone and Starhand, nicknames in my youth.

The purpose of joining this site is to be able to use humor and language that is all in jest to taunt, ridicule, deride, anger, wound, provoke, jeer, insult, jibe, sneer at, scoff at, humiliate, mock, poke fun at, make fun of, tease, chafe, heckle, ride, reproach, scorn, torment, challenge, goad, catcall, annoy, laugh at, make unkind remarks about, rib, needle, disrespect, bother, rag, roast, slight, kid, razz, bait, disdain, put down, affront, upbraid, slam, badger, lampoon, bug, hassle, offend, belittle, frustrate, harass, irritate, pester, plague, rail at, snigger, bedevil, chide, make sport of, pick on, pooh-pooh, satirize, rile, bully, confront, denigrate, deprecate, hound, incite, josh, lambast, mimic, abase, slur, browbeat, foment, and disparage friends and enemies while maintaining the immunity defense of it’s all in jest.

I expect to be similarly treated by others on this site.

Since High School I attended the University of Texas in Austin in General Engineering. Dropped out and worked in Austin and Dallas.  Returned to classes at Richland College one semester, University of Texas at Arlington one semester and spent an additional two years at Texas Tech University in Lubbock where I graduated on academic scholarship with a Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering in December of 1976.

I have held the following jobs since high school which have given me a wide range of experience, skills and abilities:

Door to door salesman, Collier Encyclopedias, North Texas   Bell Captain and Desk Clerk at Ramada Gondolier, Austin, Texas  Dickies Work Rental Clothing, Route Driver, Austin Area  Night Auditor, Lakeway Hotel and Resort, Lakeway, Texas  Cab Driver, Yellow Cab Company, Dallas, Texas  Bell Captain and Desk Clerk Holiday Inn Regal Row, Dallas, Texas  Bell Captain and Desk Clerk Holiday Inn Central, Dallas, Texas Night Auditor Marriott Hotel, Dallas, Texas  Bell Captain and Desk Clerk Ramada Convention Center, Dallas, Texas  Engineering Tech SACROC Chevron USA Snyder, Texas  Drilling Representative Chevron USA Denver and Rangely, Colorado  Production Engineer Chevron USA, Denver Colorado  Reservoir Support Engineer to the Chief Engineer Chevron USA, Denver, Colorado  Production Engineer American Public Energy, Dallas, Texas  Production Engineer Western Region, Maynard Oil Company, Dallas, Texas  Vice President Operations, REO Industries and Rowland Edwards Oil and Gas, Dallas, Texas  President and CEO Direction Energy Corporation, Dallas, Texas  Vice President Operations, Worldwide Starr Resources, Inc., Dallas, Texas  Owner Texas Panhandle Mud Company, Amalgamated Properties Company Partnership, Mercury Supply Company and K and L Transport Company Borger and Dallas, Texas  President of KW Operating Company, Inc. and KW Drilling Company, Inc. Dallas, Texas  Salesman and Diesel Engine Installer, Purifiner Oil Filter Corporation  Owner of Stephen R. Keene, Waste Tire Recycling and Casing Supply, Owner of Dealership Novelty Sales Dallas, Texas  Consulting Petroleum Engineer and Lease Agent for WEXCO Resources, Dallas, Texas  President of Starhand Corporation, Red Oak, Texas and President of Terra Roja Resources, LLC Red Oak, Texas and Cheyenne, Wyoming  Consulting Petroleum Engineer and Leasing Agent, Onshore Land Services, LLC, Fort Worth, Texas.

I welcome the opportunity to reconnect with my Punography friends and classmates to tell stories and remembrances and hear the same from each of you.  I want to know your successes and failures and to let you hear mine so we can laugh at them together.  I currently reside at Carl’s Corner, Texas near I-35E.