Tommy Thomas


I settled on the Earth in 1950.

I sat in the middle of a short tiny table that had a baby seat in it and ate Cream Of Wheat while watching Dave Garroway on The Today Show on a tiny black and white TV screen from 1951-1953.

I went to nursery school at the child development department at Oklahoma A&M from 1953-1955.

I went to Mrs. Baird's Kindergarten from 1956-1957.

I went to Richardson Heights Elementary School from 1957-1963.

I went to St. Mark's from 1963-1964.

I went to Belt Line Jr. High from 1964-1965.

I went to Richardson High School from 1965-1969.

I went to the University of Texas at Austin from 1969-1973.

I went to the University of Texas at Austin again from 1978-1982.

I worked as a psychometrician from 1983 until the present.

I got married, had three children and two grandchildren, and got divorced from 1975-1998. Divorced from my ex-wife, not my children and grandchildren.

I read about Edwin Hubble's 1924 discovery of the universe outside the Milky Way galaxy. The universe expanded to include billions of galaxies and not just one. That changed my life.

Then I read Franz Kafka's Conversation with the Supplicant and the universe contracted back to its normal size. That changed my life once again.

Neither of those life-changing events was funny.

Then Donald Trump was elected President of the United States. Now that was funny until he actually took office. Then that started bugging me. Real bad. I almost lost it one day as I was driving my red convertible on a dusty California road chasing after Trump's Presidential limousine.