This is an opportunity to fondly remember 'Our First Automobile'..... and what they meant to us, when and how we acquired them, what we did with them (and IN them!).  A week ago at the Bloomfield Class of '65 Picnic I heard some classic names (and stories!) from yesteryear (and actually saw one in the parking lot - you would have LOVED it Bill Hyatt!)  Car's from the 40's and the 50's.

It's your turn to 'Show and Tell' - what was YOUR first car, and what stories can you share about it.  Email me stories (with photos) and I'll get them posted.  Don't worry, the statute of limitations has expired on anything you might have done........ back then!


The only entry of the afternoon.... but I venture the best!   One of your classmates arrived in this beauty!

Have you given up that SUV (used for carrying the grandkids around in) for the FUN LIFE??