Washington School

Who was with me in my Kindergarten class there?  Remember naps on the green lineloeum floor?  Naps are STILL good!  I sort of remember a class in the quonset hut out back; before John Kennedy School was finished perhaps?

Front:  John Birchler, John Cascell, ‘Chick’ Sackett, Gary McManis, Bruce Sneider, Debbie Tooley, Mary Linda Prentice, Diane Bartz, Sue Snell, Ann Alwardt, Anna Mae Didget, Karen Dilmore.  Standing:  Robert Peel, Patty Sheehan, Mike Zack, Gary Telford, Ed Moynihan, Ernest Hutton, Patty Cornish.  Missing: Judy Esperson, Cliff Swanson, Mrs. Ames.

Gary McManis also saw a couple of the reminisces and wanted to add a little to them.  As he recalls, we were at Washington School until mid year of 3rd grade when they split the school between John Kennedy and Robert Morris, [when JK opened (?)].  He believes State St. may have been the dividing line for Robert Morris and JK at that point.  Gary remembers they had 2 third grade classes at Washington; Mrs. Eichenger’s class went to Robert Morris and Mr. Branciforte’s went to John Kennedy.  Ange Branciforte left JK and had gone to Brooklyn School where he became the principal before returning to John Kennedy as principal in the early 80’s (when they closed Brooklyn?)                         (Great memory Gary!)


Opps!  Where's the photo?!  I'll find it.

This is First Grade – Mrs. Ames was the teacher (thus probably the reason, Peg wasn’t in that class).  There were 21 in this class (2 were missing from the picture) and it appears only 7 made it through to graduate with us in 1965.