Jackson School

OK, so these are great photos just like the rest, even with names written on the back - it's just they are only first names!  Help me out if you can and fill in the last. :)

Fourth Grade class:  Row 1: Carol M, Sandy T (or F?), MaryAnn T, Linda H, Joyce W, Patty T (or F?), Sharon W.  Row 2: Carol P, Linda P, Jane B, Lucian T, Robert G, Paul B, John M, Mark A.  Row 3: John C, Jimmy S. Allan D, Paul M (Minardi possibly?), Row 4: Allan H, David Moore, Jimmy S(?), Tommy B, Bobby C, David Martino, Arthur T

Mr. Battaggia's Fifth Grade class: Front row: Karen Wright, Donna Briggs, David Sciebetta, Janet Tribero, Allan Davis, Robert VanBuskerk(?), Tommy Hoitink, Annie Peterson  Row 2: Barbara Davis, Ann Marie Chivone(?), Alice Mrzurk, Anthony Tamfer, Bobby Bacico, Anthony Piazza(?), Bobby Klein, Louis Seppe, Jimmy Pastore, Audery(?) Pastore, Miss Legliger(??)  Row 3: Martin G, Sandy Colombo, Bobby C, Dianna O(?)  Row 4:  David Martino, Sandy, Paul S, Kathy Johnson, John Benttne, Billy Miar(?), Brenda Plowe, Louis F, Eddie V.

You'll have to pardon me on this one (spellings) - this is what I had to work with!

Mrs. Deeney's Sixth Grade class.  Row 1: Deanna O, Ann Marie C, Patty T(?), Sandy F(?), John C, David Moore, David M, Martin G, Anthony P, Louis F   Row 2: Anthony Chatt, Jimmy P, Paul M, Ronald C, Arthur T(F?), Louis S, Joe K, Harry T, Miss Deeney   Row 3: Mary T, Karen W, Jane B, Audery L, Linda P, Alan H, Mark A, Lucien T  ("absent me" - whoever 'me' is!)