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07/24/21 11:13 AM #1    

B. Jacob Bonar

Raymond Barone 1947-2021   R.I.P.

07/24/21 09:17 PM #2    

Paul Minor

This message from Doug Kalicki

Hey Fellow Classmates, Sorry I won’t be attending this year’s reunion. I’m too old to drive that far and it’s too expensive to fly for an evening meal. I’ll see you at our 60th Reunion where, hopefully, we’ll have a Friday social hour and weekend activities. Y’all stay safe and God Bless You all! Doug Kalicki

08/14/21 10:40 PM #3    

Paul Minor


This is like ads you used to see in a newspaper (or at least our parents did). I really AM looking for anyone viewing this website that has any knowledge of The Jenks Family I remember a 'Marty Jenks' but don't believe she was in our Class, maybe a year behind us, maybe a year ahead of us? Maybe there were siblings?  I just remember the name so well.  A dear friend of Steve Carr's brother-in-law, Julian Atwater (who passed away this week at age 90) has been trying to locate the family for several years, having spent her childhood with them.  If you hanve ANY knowledge of Marty, any other Jenks, or the Jenks family in general, please let me know, here, or in a private message.  We thank you.


08/16/21 04:43 PM #4    

Margaret Ireland

hi paul - i saw that you are looking for information on the jenks family.   martha (marty) jenks lived in our apartment on brunswick street in rochester just after we bought our house and was there till about 1978!   she was working at the eastman house in the archives.    she then married someone (don't remember his name), but i think he was the librarian at alfred university, where they settled.   i believe she had two daughters.  however, i haven't been in touch with her for years, and have no idea where she is now...maybe alfred? 

08/16/21 04:46 PM #5    

Margaret Ireland

p.s.   i think marty's brother, bill, was a musician and lived in ohio!

08/17/21 09:35 AM #6    

James C. Minor

According to the collection of Batavians (going up through 1965):

  • Class of 1957: Steve Jenks
  • Class of 1959: Al Jenks
  • Class of 1964: Bill Jenks


08/21/21 12:08 PM #7    

Thomas Hoitink

Hi Class Mates, I will not be able to attend because my daughter Kelly is getting married the day of the reunion.  Remember Cathy and I were in our 40's when she was borned.

08/22/21 09:46 PM #8    


Arthur J Torcello

Hello all!   

This message is in response to Jeanne Johnson-Boldt's reflection on the passing of Conway McGee I remember Conway McGee too.

He was an Art Teacher at the Ross Street School when it served as the Junior High (7, 8 and 9th grades were housed there) back in the sexy sixties. :-)
I was a Freshman and his class room was near my locker so I used to talk to him daily.
He was a good-looking, kind man, mild mannered and very intelligent - a bit on the stocky side with black horn-rimmed glasses (which I thought were pretty cool as far as glasses went.)
Across the Hall from his classroom was the Music Room and Joyce Shannon was the music teacher.
Ninth grade had me well into puberty and I remember my thundering hormones raging whenever Ms. Shannon walked by me.
She was beautiful (long black hair, toned body, beautiful violet-blue eyes...methinks an "Elizabethan - Taylor" type beauty.) She would always smile at me and say hello in a sweet, friendly tone of voice. The scent of her Estee Lauder remained in the air long after she walked away.
No finer a lady existed back least in the eyes of a horny fourteen year old chubby boy with a bad case of pimples - who was grateful for her kindness.
both Joyce and Conway were in their early twenties, both unmarried, often seen walking together...and the scuttle-butt of the students was.. surely - they were vodeodoh-ing after school (Thank you Laverne and Shirley for helping me keep my verbiage G-rated)
But, alas, Jeanne... this memory of moi does not help in your specific quest for answers from your days of milk, cookies and warm blankies. :-)
However, your thoughts ... provoked fond memories of Mr. McGee from my "Wonder Years."
Thank you for being the catalyst in opening the memory bank.
God bless him... and may he rest in peace.

08/23/21 02:57 PM #9    

Paul Minor

Actually Art, it was me that posted the memory of a Mr. Magee at Washington School; the same one?  I don't know, but you certainly sparked my memory of Miss Shannon!  I was in the chorus, and in the middle of the year switched from one side of the aisle to the other as my voice changed from tenor to bass (deep base, Johnny Cash range) - must have been those raging hormones!  Drop dead gorgeous as I remember, the long black hair.  The thing I remember the most was listening to the World Series during Chorus practice because her home-town team, the Baltimore Orioles, were playing.  Windows wide open on a georgeous September day.

Thanks for the Memory......

08/23/21 03:05 PM #10    


Allen B Chatt

Gail and I are commemorating our 50th ANNIVERSARY hunkered down under the threat of power outages, flooding and wind damage from CAT1-HENRI here on Long Island Sound in Connecticut. Happily, should we survive this, we have long-awaited plans for a micro-celebration at LAKE OF ISLES @ FOXWOODS for the coming week with our adopted Tallahassee family and, with regrets, find ourselves wishing the truly GREAT *BHS CLASS of 1965* a thoroughly enjoyable REUNION.

08/23/21 03:50 PM #11    


Arthur J Torcello

Well, Paul, it just goes to show you, (in the immortal words of Roseanne Roseannadanna – SNL circa 1979) it's always something - if it ain’t one thing, it’s another! If it’s not your voice changing while singing “Ring of Fire" during the World Series on a sunny September day...then it’s having Junior get excited while you are standing in the hall and talking to your SMOKIN' HOT music teacher! Those dang raging hormones got us into trouble when we least expected it. :-)

Thanks, my friend, for the morning chuckle! God bless!

08/23/21 05:20 PM #12    

Susan Monaghan (Katz)

Even after reading your messages, I could NOT remember either a Mr. Magee or a Miss Shannon. HOWEVER, my older sister recently returned to me all my Batavians from our junior high years (long story), so I looked them up. These are their photos from the 1960 yearbook (can't seem to rotate the first one. . .sorry)! Enjoy your walk down memory lane. . .I still don't remember them!

08/24/21 06:01 PM #13    


Arthur J Torcello

Hey Susan! Thank you for posting the yearbook photos!

Yup... there is that handsome Mr. McGee and that forever vixen - Ms. Shannon! 

It's always fun to open those aging boxes in strorage. And, to dust off those memory books from our foundation years... smiling - as we look  back at our magical black and white world. "It's Yesterday Once More..."

And...Happy belated birthday! Hope it was a fun one!

08/25/21 12:01 PM #14    

Susan Monaghan (Katz)


Thanks, Art. I had a great birthday. . .and I'm continuing to celebrate for several days! Susan


11/18/21 02:27 PM #15    


Arthur J Torcello

Hello BHS'65 classmates.

For those of us who spent our early years growing up on the south side of Batavia...we remember Lincoln School on Williams our Kindergarten thru Fifth Grade Alma Mater. 
Sharon Wetzel was one of the Lincoln group. She was a friendly, sweet, person with a lot of maternal makeup-potential... as she was always a shoulder for us to cry on, a confidant for both genders  to tell secrets to...and NOW -  to remember for her beautiful human qualities after her recent passing.
There are many awesome memories of Sharon, for me...but I want to tell you about a very silly one...LOL:
Back in the Mid Fifties...ELVIS was King! Unless, you were an adult in which case he was Satan personified. All those sexy gyrations...Hypnotic voice and ROCK AND ROLL!
WHAT A GUY!!!!!!
But who cared what parents and teachers young people around the world...he was the best thing since sliced bread! 
Well...I do so declare that Sharon Wetzel was his absolute biggest least in Batavia! She had Elvis scrapbooks, Elvis 45s, Elvis vinyl albums and even an Elvis Lunchbox (Lincoln School did not have a you had to brown bag lunch unless you had wealthy parents who would buy you a metal lunchbox :-) in which case you were envied by your poorer classmates)
OK, NOW BACK TO MY STORY...The Year was 1957...Elvis was hotter than Hell (What else...he was Satan, wasn't he?) And Miss Gertrude Maher, the Fifth grade teacher was allowing all the good kiddies to bring in their favorite Christmas Record to play during our holiday party the day before Christmas Vacation started.
Well, Sharon's mom had bought her the Elvis Christmas album as an early gift. Naturally, that was her record choice to bring for the  party and we were all looking at the album cover and photos inside sleeve...and wishing that Santa would bring us the same gift...
Soooooooooo after our share of Percy Faith,, Johnny Mathis, Harry Simeon Chorale ... Sharon raised her hand and Miss Maher nodded for her to put her record on the turntable...
Gotta tell soon as old Elvis started....that honky tonk version of (I'll have a) Blue Christmas.. munchkin sized and soft spoken Gertie Maher's face twisted in a buffet of emotions as she growled WHAT IS THAT TRASH???????!!!!!!  She leaped up out of her teacher chair and with incredible hulk strength grabbed the record off the player and the album cover along with Sharon's arm and marched Ms. Wetzel off to Principal Mary Strollo's office for "the sermon on the mount" - it must have been a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnggggggggggg session  'cause no one saw Sharon anymore that day. However, the next day we (the friends of Sharon) all convened and went ice skating at the Otis/Osterhout Avenue frozen swamp..And, where we had a good laugh with Sharon over her Elvis-Pelvis Christmas escapade.
She was always a good sport with a positive/happy disposition. Time marched on and our circles of friends grew...and some got lost in the process of our lives.
It is a shame that we loose contact with the folks who were our youth...
but, on second thought...we never really loose them as they are always alive and well in our hearts and memories.
God bless you Sharon...
thank you for the memories...and to you I wish eternal peace and harmony in the fields of our LORD.

Ms. Sharon K. Wetzel Armstrong

posted by Joshua Smith.

East Pembroke - Sharon K.  Wetzel Armstrong, 73 of East Pembroke passed away on Tuesday, September 28, 2021 at United Memorial Medical Center in Batavia.

She was born Wednesday, November 26th, 1947 in Batavia, a daughter of the late Kenneth Wetzel and Annamae Carpenter Wetzel.

A 1965 graduate of Batavia High School, Sharon worked for 30 years at the New York State School for the Blind and served for 27 years as the president of the CSEA, Local 200.

Surviving are her sons, Jamie (Michelle) Armstrong of Sarasota, Florida and Jason Armstrong; her sister, Judith Wetzel of East Pembroke; eight grandchildren, Jasmine Armstrong, Rachel Armstrong, Jason Armstrong, Jr., Joshua Armstrong, Anthony (AJ) Armstrong, Peyton Armstrong, Grayson Armstrong and Jase Armstrong; her great-granddaughter, Amelia Armstrong; her beloved dog, Romeo and nieces and nephews.

She is predeceased by her brothers, James Wetzel and Robert Wetzel.

12/30/21 01:08 PM #16    


Arthur J Torcello

Dear Paul...

Now that I am journeying down the mountain of life, from it's pinnacle...I have to admit that I wish there was some method or way that we could, forever - remain secured somewhere between the beginning and middle of our lives...and somehow, some way... skip the reality of it's end. 

I am so very sorry for your loss of Jim.

Knowing that you treasure the wealth of beautiful memories you carry in your heart...I believe that the Lord will ensure that Jim is forever close thru your instant recall of those happy times together.

Additionally, I am confident that God is walking close and providing peace and comfort to both you and your loved ones as you celebrate Jim's amazing life.

You are in my thoughts during this challenging time.

Art Torcello


12/31/21 01:39 PM #17    

Paul Minor

Art - those are beautiful words, thank you.


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