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10/29/14 02:38 PM #1    


Paul Minor

Hi Class of '65 -

Just checking out the "Message Forum" link in the yellow left-hand column!  I wnat to see where this goes - to me? To you? To all of us? To outer space never to be seen again???

Somebody send me a response if they do receive it, and how - in the web site, or as an email from Class Creator.

I may have helped set this up and be a co-administrator, but I clearly have no idea what I'm doing!


Paul Minor


PS - If you are lucky enough to get this, know that I am going to Batavia on Friday the 31st to start sorting through Anitas Upson's totes filled with material she collected over MANY years about our class.  I will begin scanning what I can and adding it to the web site - hopefully in two-week intervals.  Stay tuned!

10/30/14 07:06 AM #2    

James M Conway

This makes one more way to make connections with classmates.  Hope the new pictures and articles you find in Anita's totes ( harbored at Steve Hawley's Insurance Co-- 50 Main Street, Batavia) will spark our memories of fun times at BHS.

10/30/14 07:50 AM #3    

Stephen Hawley

Hey Paul. I received your request--got it!  Let's see whether you receive this back. Let me know!

10/30/14 08:02 AM #4    


Georgia Pontillo (Woodring)

Hi Paul!  I received your message.  You are more tech savvy than you give yourself credit for! 

10/30/14 09:11 AM #5    

Peter Pastecki

Hi Paul,

I did receive your post as an e-mail notification through Class Creator - " A new response has been posted in our Message Forum".  Great work in setting up the website and I'm looking forward to the reunion.

10/30/14 02:38 PM #6    

Douglas W Kalicki

Paul, it came through as an email to me but it showed some of the other responses. One question I have about what you may pissibly find in Anita's files, could we pay for some of that stuff NOT to be scanned and posted? Or am I the only one that thought of that? Lol. Just kidding, after 50 years, who cares anymore? They should all bring some good laughs!

10/30/14 03:14 PM #7    

Bronwen Williams (Rocchio)

Paul: I'm getting all info in email form. This is such a great site to catch up on the lives of classmates. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this.

05/07/15 10:06 PM #8    

Linda L Richardson (Mazzella)

Thanks so much for all your hard work...this site is wonderful. 


06/22/15 07:55 PM #9    


William Heiler

I will be in Batavia this weekend to bury my Mother

06/23/15 02:06 PM #10    

Robert E Dietrich


This is a very sad day for you and your family, and suffice it to say to are in our thoughts and prayers.

Those we love remain with us,

For love itself lives on.

Cherished memories never fade,

Because one loved is gone.

Those we love can never be,

More than a thought apart,

For as long as there's a memory,

They live on in our heart.


06/24/15 11:49 AM #11    


Allen B Chatt

Bill - our thoughts (Gail and myself) are with you at this time of incredible sadness. Your considerable strength will see you through this. - Allen

07/26/15 01:17 AM #12    


Allen B Chatt



From Paul Minardi to Nancy Hayes,

Solemn readings of those who fought the Battle of '65,

But fell along the way,

Have left me weary and scarred by

Oh, so many "thoughts that do lie too deep for tears".


Yet, as we punctuate our successful journey,

Praise be that the Angels

Will rejoin those brave souls with us,


In this ... our collective moment!



10/22/18 05:41 PM #13    

Jerome Hill

I never was able to attend the reunions, etc. due to traveling, so I am so glad Allen Chatt let me know about the website. I also thank everyone who created such a wonderful tool for us to connect with our pass.

10/24/18 10:37 AM #14    


Mark Abrams

Got it through e-mail. Great way to pass info that returns us to times we tend to forget.

10/24/18 01:38 PM #15    


Arthur J Torcello

Greetings to you if you are reading this message :-) I realize that we have a couple more years to go until the next class reunion...but from this wonderful site, I see that each Summer (in between 5 year reunions)  there are a few summer social events planned for BHS '65. I will be in Batavia the first couple of weeks in July 2019 for a family event. Checking to see  if there are any "get-togethers" being planned in early July...would love to see some of the classmates if possible while in town. Thanks for reading, happy "early" holidays to all, and God bless!


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