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If you know the name(s) of any of the youngsters not already identified (or are mis-identified) in the pictures below please let either myself Paul Minor or Liz Johnson Conway know so that we can get these identifiers as complete and accurate as possible. Thank you! (You may sit down now.)

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East School was on East Main Street at the corner of North Spruce at what is now the Batavia Salvation Army main offices.  It was a three story wooden structure and had a quonset hut (WWII surplus) out back. Kindergarten, 1st grades and 4th grades were in the big building and 2nd and 3rd in the quonset. Bathrooms were in the dark basement of the big building and you had to step up on concrete to get into the stall to use the toilet.  Very scary to little kids.  When John Kennedy School was built we were the first to occupy it as 4th graders and East School was torn down.  John Kennedy was built on a swamp.  People used to ice skate out there and the stone building is still there were people used to go and put on their skates.  There might have been a fireplace in there, too.


Same thing for Pringle School!  OK, I'll admit my ignorance - where WAS Pringle School?? 

St. Joseph's:

Same thing.