In Memory

Day by day, the precious memories of your loved ones will fill your heart.  Day by day, the love you shared with your loved ones will help to ease the pain.  Day by day, friends who care will help fill the void caused by your loss.  Gone but not forgotten 🌟
By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Gail Adams (Deceased 2020)  
Susie Albers (Roe) (Deceased 2016)  
Jerry Alexander (Deceased 2010)  
Kathy Amaral (Deceased Year Unknown)
Ron Armstrong (Deceased 2014)
Harold Axtell (Deceased 2010)  
Karen Azlin (Anthony) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Gemma Bairerlein (Sanford) (Deceased 2014)
Harry Bash (Deceased 2009)
Tyson Beall (Deceased 1969)  
Anne Benning (Pitta) (Deceased 2014)  
Robert Benson (Deceased 2007)  
Bruce Black (Deceased Year Unknown)
Bill Blackwell (Deceased 2005)  
James Blackwood (Deceased 2021)  
Shirley Boling (Knudsen Fife) (Deceased 2010)  
Judy Bright (Reed) (Deceased 2020)  
Ken Brown (Deceased Year Unknown)
Linda Brown (Coopinger) (Deceased 2006)
Daniel Brudvig (Deceased 2009)  
Robert Buehler (Deceased 1968)  
Kay Burns (Shafer) (Deceased 2015)
Ken Bush (Deceased 1997)
Leigh Carter (Halvorsen) (Deceased 2020)  
Richard Carvalho (Deceased 1994)  
Christina (Chris) Cassel (Casselton) (Deceased 2009)  
Donald Chin Lee (Deceased 2019)  
Kenneth Clark (Deceased 2018)
Ronald Covey (Deceased 2021)
Patricia Cramer (Deceased 2019)  
Michael Crow (Deceased 1982)  
Tom Daley (Deceased Year Unknown)
David Darling (Deceased 2015)  
Vivian DeGarmo (Davis) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Joan Dinsmore (Macaulay) (Deceased 2018)  
Valerie "Lynn" Dunn (Deceased 2020)  
John Elmer (Deceased 2002)  
Danny Englebrecht (Deceased 1976)  
Judy Enos (Reilly) (Deceased 2014)  
Russell Farrell (Deceased 1995)
Patricia Ferrari (Deceased 2014)  
Pamela Finnigan (Boni) (Deceased 2016)  
Vivian Fitch (King) (Deceased 2012)
Bob Forbes (Deceased Year Unknown)
Phillip Forseth (Deceased Year Unknown)
Linda Froland (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Claire Galopin (Deceased Year Unknown)
Betty Gardner (Deceased Year Unknown)  
James Gondola (Deceased 2017)  
Roy Gray Jr. (Deceased Year Unknown)
Dotti Green (Ramos) (Deceased 2018)
Gary Gregory (Deceased 2016)
Brent Gularte (Deceased 1968)  
Tomie Gunby (Deceased 2020)  
Randy Haener (Deceased Year Unknown)
Linda Haltom (Deceased Year Unknown)
Gerald "Jerry" Hanoum (Deceased 2011)  
William Harrison (Deceased Year Unknown)
Edwin 'Jim' Hedemark (Deceased 2001)  
Gregg Hedensten (Deceased 2016)  
Janet Hellmann (Wright) (Deceased 2018)  
Maureen Henkleman (Deceased 2016)  
Kevin Henley (Deceased Year Unknown)
Nadine "Dina" Heydon (Finley) (Deceased 2019)  
Allen Hillman (Deceased 1979)
Gregory Imboden (Deceased Year Unknown)
Christina Irick (Boberick) (Deceased 2000)  
Cheryl James (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jack Jamison (Deceased Year Unknown)
Phyllis Jenkins (Deceased 1995)
Peggy Johnson (Roberts) (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Gary K. Johnston (Deceased 2001)  
Stephen Juan (Deceased 2018)  
Jeffrey Kastan (Deceased Year Unknown)
Lawrence Kelley (Deceased 2020)  
Casey Kelly (Deceased 2019)  
Lorraine Kennison (Rowser) (Deceased 2021)  
Steve Kingsley (Deceased 2002)  
Patricia Klein (Deceased 1973)  
Dan Klippert (Deceased Year Unknown)
Joe Lamie (Deceased Year Unknown)
Warren Landis (Deceased 2015)
Kathy Lemmons (Reitzel) (Deceased 2007)
Jacklyn Lemoin (Pettway) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Duane Lisenbardt (Deceased 2017)  
Dennis Luiz (Deceased 2019)  
Patty Lyle (Moak) (Deceased 2020)  
Dana Lyon (Deceased 2015)  
Jay Maher (Deceased 2015)  
Patrick Marra (Deceased Year Unknown)
Murray Mays (Deceased 2019)  
Tamara 'Tammy' McCready (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Marty McDonald (Deceased 1968)  
Carole McGraw (Biggs) (Deceased 2017)
Glenn McGregor (Deceased Year Unknown)
Melinda Miller (Small) (Deceased 2014)  
Al Mingus (Deceased 2019)  
Walter Monthei (Deceased Year Unknown)
Jay Muzzy (Deceased 2016)  
Charles Nadrchal (Deceased Year Unknown)
Danelle Negri (Deceased 2017)  
Jerry Ofsterdahl (Deceased 1969)  
Russell Olson Hill (Deceased 1997)
Sue Ostlin (McNutt) (Deceased 2007)  
Ron Padilla (Deceased Year Unknown)
Colleen Perry (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Delores Pinarretta (Mercier) (Deceased 2009)  
Sandy Pogue (Deceased 2017)
Leslie Ransford (Brice) (Deceased 1999)
Linda Ratto (Lamie) (Deceased Year Unknown)
James Rinker (Deceased 1983)  
Diane Robinson (Humphries) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Kenneth Robinson (Deceased 2003)
Linda Robinson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Raymond Rogerson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Sue Rowley (Vancil) (Deceased 2017)  
James "Jim" Saunders (Deceased 2020)  
Kenneth Schmutz (Deceased 2012)
Glen Scholl (Deceased Year Unknown)
John Schultheiss (Deceased 2020)  
Craig Scoggins (Deceased 2016)
Thomas Shearer (Deceased 2012)
Lawrence Shepard (Deceased 1969)  
Ruth Smith (Muyskens) (Deceased 1985)
Augielee Squire (Deceased 2007)
Robert Steele (Deceased Year Unknown)
John Stewart (Deceased 2018)  
Katherine "Kitty" Stich (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Marilyn Strotkamp (Lyle) (Deceased 2020)  
Joe Sublett (Deceased 2014)
Peter Tennis (Deceased 2015)  
Robert Thornton (Deceased 2019)  
Yvonne Till (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Linda Todd (Deceased 2005)  
James Turconi (Deceased 2009)  
George Van Honk (Deceased Year Unknown)  
William 'George' Vesper (Deceased Year Unknown)
Betty Wade (Deceased Year Unknown)  
James Ward (Deceased 2017)
Paul Wheeler (Deceased 2018)  
George Whitehair (Deceased Year Unknown)
Ted Wigger (Deceased 2020)  
Gary Wilson (Deceased Year Unknown)
Daniel Woodworth (Deceased 1999)  
Shirley Woomer (Grubbs) (Deceased Year Unknown)
Sue York (Deceased Year Unknown)  
Donald Zylstra (Deceased 2016)

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