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Here's a call to all FLOGA-ites everywhere with the heart of patriotism and service to make a pledge to support our Alumni Association. We call it 'THE FLOGA PLEDGE'

Ever wondered what you could do to help FLOGA grow?

Ever wished you could make your own little contribution in your own little way?

Ever wanted to be part of what FLOGA is doing but unable to do so as there is no Chapter in your city?

Then you might be interested in taking the FLOGA Pledge.



The FLOGA Pledge is a statement of commitment to the FGGC Langtang Alumni Association - FLOGA. It is an open declaration of your support to her and her values. It is taking your interest in FLOGA a step further by taking action.

The FLOGA Pledge is made up of two parts:

1. Chapter Affiliation and 

2. Payment of Dues.

By Chapter Affiliation we mean identifying with any of FLOGA's existing Chapters as a member regardless of  geographical location. The idea is to have all members registered with at least one Chapter which will serve as the home chapter for such a member.

Presently, there are 5 chapters:

1. Jos Chapter - Contact Person: Judith Lawam - 08069631427

2. Abuja Chapter - Contact Person: Fati Murtala-Ibrahim - 08033138660

3. Lagos Chapter - Contact Person: Nkiruka Pedro-Iyalla -  08034865490

4. Kaduna Chapter - Contact Person: Mary Ayok - 07063317558

5. Port Harcourt Chapter - Contact Person: Vivian Ozoekwe - 08097279040

*****. FLOGA NATIONAL - Contact Person: Chijindu Onyenkwere - 08172044533

Even though your choice of affiliation is up to you, a good rule of thumb would be to choose a chapter located within the same general region as you. An exception would be FLOGA-ites in diaspora who may wish to affiliate themselves with any chapter regardless of location. 

To affiliate yourself with a FLOGA Chapter, simply reach out to the Chapter contact person using the contact details above, providing them with your details along with registration fee of #1,000.00 (One Thousand Naira Only) and it's done. 

Some benefits of affiliation is that every affiliate has the full rights of membership as other non-affiliate members of the chapter. Affiliates are entitled to the welfare packages available to all members as stated in the bye-laws of each chapter. As an affiliate, your chapter will serve as your home chapter and you will cease to be a floating FLOGA-ite.


FLOGA dues are just #1,000.00 (One Thousand Naira Only) per month.

Dues may be paid monthly (#1.000.00), quarterly (#3,000.00) or annually (#12,000.00) which ever is convenient.

Below are bank details for the various chapters:

Abuja Chapter:
Fed Langtang Old Girls Association Abuja
Bank: Diamond Bank 
Account number: 0021935979

Lagos Chapter:
Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Number: 0021362988

The dues for the other chapters will be received into the National Account pending completion/resolution of all issues regarding their accounts.

FLOGA National Account:

Bank: Diamond Bank
Account Number: 0075326479

For others who are yet to affiliate themselves with any chapter and also for our sisters in diaspora, you may also make ayment into the National Account. Please indicate your state or country of residence when paying.


This is a very valid question.

If you are a dues-paying member of FLOGA, you have every right to know how the money is spent.

The books of every chapter is open to scrutiny for any member who wishes to review them. FLOGA will continue to do her best to be transparent in all financial dealings.

Some of the expenses ofen incurred by the Chapters are as follows:

- Payment of Capitation to the National Purse (An annual lump sum which represent the chapter dues to the National).

- Payments for fees incurred to host meetings.

- Welfare support for members according to bye-laws.

- Donations for agreed causes.

- Running costs (Bulk SMS, telephone cals, transportation etc)

Some of the expenses incurred by the National Body include:

- Payment of USOSA Annual dues.

- Payment of subscription and communication fees (Website, Bulk SMS, Phone calls)

- Logistics for various programmes (USOSA plenary Sessions, Annual General Meetings, EXCO meetings etc.)

- Donations to the school and other charitable causes.

- National welfare schemes for members.

The Association has so far been run on the goodwill of a few but we cannot guarantee growth and advancement in this way.

This why the drive for FLOGA PLEDGE is coming now to let you know that if you pitch in your little bit, we can become the FLOGA we have all dreamed about.


Join a chapter today either as a Local Member or an Affiliate Member.

Take the FLOGA Pledge.

Be Pro Unitate!