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Event Details

Our Alma Mater turns Forty this October!



So.....What exactly is Project 40?

Project 40 is both an event and a project. Confused? Don't be. Let's explain.

On the 15th of October 1978, our Alma Mater was born. If you do the math, that means she'll be 40 years old on 15th October, 2018. And that's such a land-mark age that FLOGA has decided to roll out the big drums and celebrate.

In commemoration of our school's fortieth anniversary, FLOGA will be holding a series of activities one-week long - 15th - 21st October, 2018 in Langtang. There will be a grand finale on Saturday 20th October, 2018 with eminent sons and daughters of Langtang in attendance. These series of events have been tagged #Project40.

In order to mark this 40th Anniversary, FLOGA will be embarking on her most ambitious and audacious project ever! We shall be constructing a N30,000,000.00 - You got that right, a Thirty Million Naira Hostel Block in the school! This is huge! This project has also been tagged #Project40.

Now you see what we mean by this being both an event and a project?

So, how's this event going to happen?


The theme for the event is "HARNESSING THE POTENTIALS OF THE GIRL CHILD FOR TRANSFORMATIVE LEADERSHIP". Our programme of events seeks to explore this theme as we celebrate our heritage and our future. Join us!



The event spans a period of 7 days with several activities slated to take place on each day. October the 20th, 2018 however is the Grand Reception holding at the school. When you register, you can indicate which of the activities during the week you would like to participate in. All other activities are free but the Grand Reception requires a registration Fee of #10,000.00 (Ten Thousand Naira Only). Discounts are available for students.


Participants will need to indicate their accommodation preferences. This is not included in the Registration Fee. Below is a list of hotels in Langtang Town and their rates. Group Bookings are also possible.

- Tim Tali Motel - #2,500 / Night

- Havillah Hotel - #3,000/ Night

- Mymee Hotel - #2,500 / Night

Some FLOGA-ites with family houses in Langtang are also willing to host participants. Kindly indicate during registration if this option suits you.



Participants are expectected to transport themselves to Langtang for the event. During the week-long event however, there will be a free bus shuttle service conveying partcipants to and from the various venues of activities within Langtang Town only.


Only lunch will be provided for partcipants actively involved in the various activities of each day of the event. 



As part of the celebrations, FLOGA is initiating a "FLOGA DAY" event to coincide with the Grand Reception holding on the 20th of October 2018 in the school.

Can't make it to Langtang? No stress! You can celebrate with us right where you are! 

Through the FLOGA DAY, FLOGA-ites all around the world can come together and Pop Something! It could be a Chapter gathering, a Class gathering, small groups within a city etc. As long as you can get a minimum of two FLOGA-ites together in a place, you're good to go.

But four things are an absolute must:
1 - You must be decked out in our dress code of Adire Top on White Bottoms
2 - You must look fabulous
3 - You must have fun
4 - You must take lots of pictures and videos to be published on social media with the Hashtag #FLOGAProject40 ,  #(Your City).

It's easy, right?

To take part in FLOGA Day however, participants must register and make a token payment of #5,000.00 (Five Thousand Naira Only) to support the main event in Langtang.

You can volunteer to anchor the FLOGA Day event in your locality. An Anchor will simply be the focal point to help coordinate the event and with whom the Planning Committee can communicate.

But you know what will make the celebration extra special? When you perform a service or give a gift to someone or a group of people who will never be able to pay back. Beyond celebrating, and popping champagne, FLOGA is giving back to our Alma Mater by embarking on her most ambitious project yet - constructing a 30 Million Naira Hostel Block.
While we hope every FLOGA-ite will give towards this cause, we also hope that we can also give a little token to improve the world around us in commemoration of our school's 40th Anniversary. A little gift can go a long way and FLOGA hopes to keep making a differnce through these little acts of service all around the world.

A few ideas on what to do may be:

- Visit a Motherless Babies' Home with some food items
- Sponsor a child back to school
- Pay for a victim of domestic violence to acquire a new skill
- Create awareness about Breast Cancer and so much more!

So, get your friends together and let this conversation begin.

Project 40 is for you and me. Project 40 is for all FLOGA-ites all around the world. We can join in the celebration no matter where we are.

What are you waiting for? Scroll up and register!