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Just in case you've been 'out-of-circulation' and you're somehow, not aware, let's explain to you what FLOGA DAY is all about.

FLOGA DAY is an offshoot from the ongoing activities of #Project40. (Not sure what #Project40 is? Please see details via this link). There's a lot going on, and we really hope you have not been aloof this whole time. There's opportunity everywhere to participate!

Ok, back to FLOGA DAY. Saturday, 20th October, 2018 - It's a day set aside by FLOGA to celerate the 40th Anniversary of the founding of her Alma Mater - F.G.G.C Langtang. This day is so special that celebrations are not restricted by geography, space or time. As long as you're a FLOGA-ite, you can celebrate FLOGA DAY wherever you are on God's earth.

It doesn't take much really, just find other FLOGA-ites around you, get together and share some love, fun and laughter. That's it! The special thing is that we shall all be celebrating on the same day.

Chapters and Graduating Sets can gather together for the special purpose of celebrating and we do hope that preparations of our chapters are in top gear. But if you do not belong to a formal chapter, and you're looking for other FLOGA-ites who may be around you, or you'd like to host a meet up for FLOGA DAY, simply notify the Secretariat and we'll help you put the word out.

The central theme for FLOGA DAY is "Loving and Giving". As sisters with the same heritage, there's so much more that binds us than separates us. After 40 years, we can look back and be truly grateful for how far we have come. On FLOGA DAY, we shall also be holding hands and looking forward to the bright future ahead of us.There's so much more we can accomplish if we open our hearts in love to one another, share, help, give.

For this reason, some of us may choose acts of service as a way to celebrate. Gifts to the less privileged in our society. A walk to draw awareness on some important social topics such as Domestic Violence or Cancer. A visit to the Motherless Babies Home etc. You can come up with your own great idea.

On FLOGA DAY, we'd like to create some buzz on the internet. So there'll be lots and lots of pictures taken by FLOGA-ites all around the world. These pictures will be posted on SOcial Media with the following Hashtags - #Project40; #FLOGADay-Location (e.g. #FLOGADayLagos or #FLOGADayAbuja).

FLOGA DAY coincides with the Grand Reception for Project40 holding in our school, Langtang. All the celebrations are taking place on the same day! While some of us are live in Langtang, the rest of us will be marking the day in our own special way wherever we are.

Dress Code for the day is our FLOGA Adire Fabric. To check the status of your oder, please follow this link). We've all got to look really stylish and chic!

Let's get together, Let's share some love and laughter. We can make a real difference if we only try.

Happy FLOGA DAY in advance!