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School Based Management Committee Meeting Report:

Judith Lawam presents a report on the SBMC meeting which held in the school on the 17th of November, 2016. There were 19 members present.

Below is a summary of the report:

  • The new term started off with low turnout of students because of financial issues with students unable to pay school fees.
  • The e-library has been commissioned and in full use by the school.
  • There was some improvement in the students’ academic performance in the last SSCE. (The school still ranks low when compared with the performance of other 104 unity schools)
  • Extracurricular activities in the school are all but dead. Sporting activities only take place during preparations for external competitions and events. Apart from that, there are no regular sporting activities. To make matters worse, there are no club activities whatsoever. It was disheartening to hear this because a school is much more than the academic activities that take place there.
  • The Principal expressed disappointment at this development saying that teachers who should act as patrons for the clubs do not participate as they should. Many of the teachers often request for financial incentives before they ‘volunteer’ to help prepare the students for any competition. (Ladi was of the opinion that this development stems from the original problem of lack of teachers. Since most of the teachers are paid by the PTA, there is hardly any sense of commitment on their part as against teachers hired and paid by the Federal Government).
  • The students leave their hostels at 7am and do not return till 5pm. No time for siesta or other regular activities. (Ladi expressed concern at this development saying there is the need for re-orientation of the students. Proper timings and activities need to be re-instituted to help instill some sense of order into the students. A model set needs to be adopted by the EXCO and trained/oriented. Nkiruka also reiterated the need to have Project Inspire 2.0 even if it is for Jos Chapter to organize it. The students need to be visited again and inspired afresh)
  • Sports and musical equipment are available in the school store but not being used by the students. One of the reasons is that the school sports pavilion is in bad shape and the staff are also not ready to help (Chijindu reminded the house about our previous decision to write to the Federal Ministry of Education concerning the need for teachers. Apart from giving the students a reorientation, the staff of the school also needs to be addressed. Kate needs to be contacted with this issue so that we can leverage on our membership with USOSA to contact the FMoE to request for teachers. We could also explore the option of requesting old girls to volunteer to teach the students for a given period as part-time teachers.) 
  • There is also another major problem of inadequate and dilapidated houses for staff. The location of the school also poses a challenge to teachers posted to the school. (Judith Lawam is of the opinion that we should get the FMoE to adopt the existing 48 PTA teachers since the PTA is hard pressed to continue paying the staff on their pay-roll. The teachers on the other hand need to upgrade their qualifications in the event that the FMoE decides to oblige us ).
  • The following are some infrastructural challenges currently facing the school:
    • Face-lift to the dining hall
    • Insufficient hostel accommodation
    • Dilapidated clinic facilities
    • Roofing of the staff car park
    • A sports pavilion
    • Resurfacing of the basketball pitch
  • PTA Levy is #4,000/child/term. The PTA spends #888,000 monthly on PTA teachers’ salaries. Following the recent ban on PTA levies by the FMoE, many parents have refused to pay the levy and as a result, the PTA is finding it difficult to pay the teachers’ salaries. The PTA teachers outnumber the FMoE teachers and there is a looming dearth of teachers if something is not done.)