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So, you think you remember the cars of the 50's?
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We loved those cars, and still mumble about how we should have kept some of the one's we'd owned.  Let's see how well you remember the muscle cars.  Click on the picture to take another quiz.


Now that you've discovered how much you remember about the cars themselves, let's see how well you remember the inside by matching dashboards to the manufacturer and year.
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Or...  Just refresh your memory with a trip back in time.
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More 50's cars and hot rods



1953 Cadillac Eldorado - factory Supercharged


Largest long running American Car Show
Minnesota Street Rod Association


Okoboji Museum
Lake Okoboji is a popular vacation and recreation spot in northwest Iowa, including an amusement park named Arnold’s Park.  There are also some beautiful old cars presented in a museum in the amusement park, along with recreations of storefronts and the way Arnold’s Park Looked in the ‘50s and ‘60s. The Roof Garden was a well-known dance hall, drawing people from long distances to dance to big-name rock & roll bands.


Thinking about picking up an older car?   Maybe one you remember having?
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Old Gas Stations
A wonderful look at a collection of photos of old gas stations that anyone can enjoy and appreciate as the gas was cheaper, the service was better, and the times were more simple. This compilation of old gas stations photos includes both black and white as well as color photos. I’m sure many a collector of gas pumps and signs will be envious of some of the ones in these photos.