Fontenelle forest hike with high school friends, Jack and Suzie (Shep) Richardson, Rita Reed and Pete, Bill Imig in between the twins Ruth Hanon and Rita. Bills wife took the picture.  July, 2021

Omaha - Charleston’s Restaurant  June 9th, 2021

Barbie,  JudyS,  Trudy,  Kathy,  Ann,  JudyK


Arizona - Hugger Memorial Lunch  March 2020

Wisconsin Fall 2019

Arizona - Hugger Lunch  March 2019

Mini-Reunion  In Lake Delavan Wisconsin, May 2018


Nancy's Going Away (to Loveland, CO) Luncheon at Ann's 2017

Iowa Mini-Reunion  July 2017

Seated: John and Vada Ralph, Cathie Richardson Conley, Rita Fiene Reed, Ruth Fiene Hanon
Standing: Doug and Marilyn Miller

Arizona - March 2017

Standing:  Ron Saffer(59), Gary Townsend(55), Bob Mathews(55), Bob Jacobson(59),
Suanne Townsend(57), John Jacobson(58), Channel Amend, Sid Carstenson(58),
Bob Pilling(59), Dennis McCardle(59)
Seated:  Coach Morrison, Neil Coffee(56), Bonnie Coffee, Susan Christian(55), Debbie Hicks(55), John Hicks(54)


A Wisconsin Westside Women's Vacation 9-26-2016
Lovely ladies, lovely photo!


Arizona - March 2016


Iowa mini-reunion, 11/04/2015. 

L-R - Rita Fiene Reed (holding a photo of Ruth) and her husband Pete Reed, Doug and Marilyn Miller, and John and Vada Ralph.  Cathie Richardson Conley couldn't make it this time, but we'll catch her next time.


Westside Gal's Lunch - March 2014


October 2009 - Chicago - Post-50th Mini-Reunion