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•   Marianne Gau (Fletcher)  11/15
•   Terry Tomich  11/15
•   Waneta Sue Downing (Trowbridge)  11/14
•   Nancy Hester (Nicholson)  11/3
•   John Ralph  10/31
•   Jeanne Marshall (Baughman)  10/17
•   William Trowbridge  10/14
•   Trudy Spielhagen (Musgrave)  9/27
•   Nancy Thomas (Amsler)  8/23
•   William Buller  8/20
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Westside High School
Class Of 1959

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Greetings, Warriors! 

If you are still alive and well and taking advantage of our class website, you deserve the title.  We so appreciate all you Warriors!  Stay in touch!

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Sue and John

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