More Memories


Campfire Girls.  Barb says she can ident all of them. Can anyone else?

Barry, Rod, Norrie, ?, Deanna Groves, and Waneta Sue. Fond memories!

From the Dundee News: a weekly "Westside Notes". 
Spinsters Club and Freshman Cheerleaders


Read at the Senior Prom:

Tonight a curtain closes

  And we take a final bow,

To the four years we have spent,

  Which are slowly ending now.


But let time stop this evening

  For just an hour or two

As we recall the memories

  That seem, right now, too few


And gathered all together

  We will not say "goodbye"

For thoughts that will prevail

  With us, of you, will never die


One phase of life is ended,

  But one day we may find

Assembled all together

  The class of fifty-nine.

written by Barbara Saddler Georgi