Missing/Not Yet Registered

Help us locate 1959 Classmates and potential Guests who have not registered with our web site.  If you know where someone is, or have an email address or phone number, email us or use the "Contact Us" link (Menu on the left) to let us know so we can use the information on our web site and invite them to join us.   And if you have updates, please also E-mail the Westside Alumni Office at alumni@Westside66.net.       Thanks!


A. B. "Sonny" Brown
Barbara Brown (French)
Joann Burnham (Cox)
Phyllis Cajacob (Johnson)
A. Wayland Carpenter
Rita Claus (Dusek)
Sandra Dodge (Ballard)
Betty Sue Dunavant
Joan Dyer
Sharon Elias
Dusty Fleming
Deanna Groves (Campbell)
Carla Hansen
Howard Harmon
Alyce Jensen (Berk)
Ralph Joos
Karen Kaiser (Staples)
Nancy Kautz
Naomi Lundgren
Sharon Madson
Janet Marley (Smutney)
Sandra McClenahan
Sherry Meyer
Karen Morgan
Nick Nolte
John O'Connor
Bob Pettigrew
Terry Pollard
Rox Robison
Daryl Rodgers
Alan Schulman
Jan Soderlund
Steve Spaulding
Judith Todd
Sandi West (Patterson)

Guest Members

Gary Baughman * *
John Fisher
Charles Noble
Robert Noble
Caroline Palthen (Mason)
Jo Ruch
Dave Shadle
Dale Smith
Terrence Thompson
Everett Vanderpool
Patricia Vankleeck (Gammill)
Nancy Young