Scam Alert

Have you received an email like this one?  It's a scam.  Several of our classmates (and I) have received this email, but this company is not associated in any way with Westside High School, District 66, The Westside Alumini Association, or Class Creator which hosts our web site and many others.  Companies like AlumniClass create web sites and populate them with names found on other web sites such as or from other class web sites which do not restrict access to their class list.  The full list of classmate names on our site is not visible to anyone but logged in members.  And as noted in the Privacy Notice at the bottom of our home page, none of the personal information on our web site is visible to anyone but registered, verified, and logged in members.

Like AlumniClass in the example above, there are other web sites out there which ask you to register and exchange information with others in your class (for a fee).  This was the third email I received, reducing the initial request for a $100 'donation' to $25, and finally to $15.  A quick look at their site shows that they do have many of our names, but very few active participants. 

Our web site is specifically for our class and guests, built by and maintained by our classmates, hosted by Class Creator, and is the only official Westside '59 web site backed by the Westside Alumni Association.  If you read the fine print in the privacy policies for these other web sites, you'll usually find that they reserve the right to use or share any infomation furnished as they wish.  We provide a lot more for our classmates and guest members than the others, and personal information on our web site is kept private and only shared with registered and logged in members. 

As noted in our How To Use This Site page, our web site is free to our members. While we welcome and appreciate donations to cover the fee Class Creator charges to host the site and the cost to reserve our domain name, we do not actively solicit donations - and our ongoing costs are currently fully funded by voluntary donations from our registered and generous members.