BOD Meeting 5/6/24

President Stacy Vermette called the meeting open at 6:31PM. Directors in attendance were Carol Gruszka, Cher Lowther, Cathy Parks, Cheri Riley, Chuck Lauer Vose, and Roberta Yancey.
Directors absent were Lorraine Armstrong, Kent Carroll, and Dr. Jordon Vanderveen.

It was announced that Lorraine Armstrong would be leaving the board due to health issues and will be removed from the board mailing list. Kent Carroll will be on sabbatical due to a medical exemption. Dr. Vanderveen has yet to attend a board meeting.

Discussion followed regarding Section 2 bylaw as it relates to Officers. Questions were raised regarding Dr. Vanderheen, who has never attended a board meeting. Cathy Parks agreed to contact him to discuss.
The full board will consider and propose other residents who may wish to be on the board.

Carol Gruszka, Treasurer, reported that last year’s festival expenditures were nearly flat, with an outlay of $86. However, few memberships were generated from the event. Discussion followed on whether or not to continue. The time commitment necessary to the event was of major concern. Smaller events, like the Plant Swap, which generated four new members, were discussed as potential options to the larger festival. Cathy
noted that only 1/6 of households are signed to be members.

President Stacy Vermette stated that one large, all inclusive event indicated what residents are getting for their dues. General agreement followed the suggestion that the larger event become a Winter Fest, date to be determined. Ideas were floated for Special Interest groups to cultivate smaller events and feed into
the large annual festival. Chuck Lauer Vose suggested mapping super connectors, influencers, to invite their
neighbor friends. Chuck offered to do the initial work on, beginning with a survey to be made available at
the next general meeting in May. Cher Lowther will partner with him on the super connector/influencers task.
It was agreed that a Welcome Committee be established; a welcome gift will be decided upon and standardized.

Cathy agreed to respond to an email from a neighbor regarding a nearby church, not within the Lake Pasadena Estates neighborhood, that is proposing ZONING change.

Someone will reach out to Officer Cox. Stacy and Cheri will contact the fire department in hopes of securing a speaker.

Notice and sign up will be available for a planting event around the Lake on June 1.

Stacy moved and Chuck seconded adjournment at 7:36 PM.

Submitted by Cher Lowther, in secretary Joe Vermett’s absence.