Lake Pasadena Estates History

The intent of this page is to record the history of our Lake Pasadena neighborhood. To do this, we need YOUR stories of what you have learned about our neighborhood history or about your house. Please be sure your submissions are historically accurate because they will be posted as "truth" on our website (or identified as "probable"). Some topics we hope to cover:

How do we come to have brick streets in some parts of the neighborhood? What years were they laid? Were all the streets originally brick?

What do you know about the oldest houses in your area? Who lived there first?  If yours is one of the oldest homes, do you have a photo of how it looked originally? If so, could we photograph it for our website?

Were our lakes naturally occurring or dug for storm drainage? If dug, when?

When did the county open up 66th Street to run all the way north to U.S. 19 near Clearwater? Are there any interesting stories of how our neighborhood was preserved?

Is there a story behind all the curved sidewalks of the Burlington Avenue houses between 63rd and 64th Streets?

Etc.... If you find it interesting, others probably will, too.

Just as Wikipedia grew from knowledgeable reader submissions, we hope you will do a little historical digging and submit your findings so we can share our neighborhood history with one another. For now, just write whatever you know or learn, and we'll look for a volunteer historian to compile the stories in the coming weeks.