Missing Neighbors (by address)

Future announcements of meetings or events after our next meeting (March 21, at Menorah Manor) will be by email (only) from this website, followed by word of mouth from one neighbor to another. The more broadly we get out the word, the greater participation we can have. Listed here are house addresses of neighbors whose email addresses we do not yet have. If you know the email address of one of these neighbors, please provide it and the website will send an invitation to that email address inviting the neighbor(s) to join the site.

Please notice under Member Functions on the left-hand side of the screen the Notify Me link that lets you (or them) control whether and how often you receive email messages from the site. We encourage you, at a minimum, to receive announcements as they are distributed to our members.

One other thing: A few houses are missing from the list gathered from the Pinellas County Property Appraiser website because occasionally that website produced an error message stating "No Parcel Linked." Also, we may have accidentally omitted a property or transposed numbers of a house number. Please notify me if you find an address missing so our site can have as complete a list of neighborhood addresses as possible. Even if a current resident does not want to join, the next resident may. Thanks for your participation and enthusiasm.

5983 1st Ave N (Dalkner)
6001 1st Ave N (Tallon)
6027 1st Ave N (Jagdeo)
6045 1st Ave N
6057 1st Ave N (Ready)
6065 1st Ave N (Waller)
6073 1st Ave N (Smith)
6121 1st Ave N
6133 1st Ave N
6145 1st Ave N (Zulewski)
6157 1st Ave N (Sunderlin)
6183 1st Ave N (Grant)
6201 1st Ave N (Thomas)
6211 1st Ave N
6221 1st Ave N (Bracewell)
6231 1st Ave N
6241 1st Ave N
6267 1st Ave N (Hessling)
6275 1st Ave N (Jemison)
6281 1st Ave N
6289 1st Ave N (Sadler)
6323 1st Ave N
6327 1st Ave N (Price)
6355 1st Ave N (Duran)
6363 1st Ave N (Grabowski)
6391 1st Ave N (Frederick)
6401 1st Ave N (Clark)
6425 1st Ave N (Conway)
6437 1st Ave N (Pettit)
6457 1st Ave N (Cardello)
6463 1st Ave N (Albin, Wallace)
6501 1st Ave N (Liddie & Swain)
6505 1st Ave N (Kinstle-Huebener)
6507 1st Ave N (Golden)
6511 1st Ave N (Verbinnen, Tesniere)
6555 1st Ave N (Whipple)
6563 1st Ave N
6573 1st Ave N (Vizaro)
6021 2nd Ave N (Jordan Vanderveen)
6022 2nd Ave N (Cleppe)
6033 2nd Ave N (Wheelehan)
6036 2nd Ave N (Hofmeyer)
6045 2nd Ave N
6056 2nd Ave N (Brown & Davos)
6057 2nd Ave N (Lambrecht)
6068 2nd Ave N (Deslandes)
6069 2nd Ave N (Barron)
6120 2nd Ave N (Fiesler)
6121 2nd Ave N
6132 2nd Ave N (Yero)
6133 2nd Ave N (Ghianuly)
6144 2nd Ave N (Messer)
6157 2nd Ave N
6182 2nd Ave N (Carlock)
6200 2nd Ave N (Entrekin, Smith)
6209 2nd Ave N
6217 2nd Ave N (Warden)
6225 2nd Ave N (McKahan)
6226 2nd Ave N (McMillan, Kologiski)
6233 2nd Ave N
6241 2nd Ave N
6242 2nd Ave N (Nuzzo)
6249 2nd Ave N
6250 2nd Ave N
6257 2nd Ave N (Planty)
6258 2nd Ave N
6264 2nd Ave N (Mills)
6265 2nd Ave N
6272 2nd Ave N
6280 2nd Ave N
6281 2nd Ave N (Hetherington, Brickel)
6300 2nd Ave N (Barber)
6314 2nd Ave N (Pavent)
6315 2nd Ave N (Roper)
6324 2nd Ave N (Warden)
6325 2nd Ave N (Macknet)
6325 2nd Ave N (Deal, Adkins, Deasey)
6338 2nd Ave N
6349 2nd Ave N (Burda)
6357 2nd Ave N (Langford)
6358 2nd Ave N (Andrews)
6368 2nd Ave N
6378 2nd Ave N (Davis)
6379 2nd Ave N (Rudisill, Massien)
6388 2nd Ave N (Waldron)
6389 2nd Ave N (Vrooman)
6400 2nd Ave N (Ziegler)
6414 2nd Ave N (Broadwater-Simms)
6415 2nd Ave N
6438 2nd Ave N (Koscho)
6462 2nd Ave N (Burdett)
6463 2nd Ave N (D'Anibale)
6475 2nd Ave N (Dixon)
6505 2nd Ave N (Storm)
6514 2nd Ave N (Wade)
6526 2nd Ave N
6531 2nd Ave N (Garrett)
6538 2nd Ave N (Brunette)
6550 2nd Ave N (Hart)
6562 2nd Ave N (Sadler)
5901 3rd Ave N (Bricker)
5910 3rd Ave N
5911 3rd Ave N (Pfeiffer)
5919 3rd Ave N (Liss)
5926 3rd Ave N (Murray)
5927 3rd Ave N
5935 3rd Ave N (White)
5942 3rd Ave N (Krueger)
5950 3rd Ave N (Downs)
5985 3rd Ave N (Gonzales)
6000 3rd Ave N (Mullikin)
6020 3rd Ave N (Smaridge, Terhaar)
6032 3rd Ave N (Kowalski)
6056 3rd Ave N (Stulpin)
6068 3rd Ave N (Richter, Covey)
6082 3rd Ave N (Castro, Lam)
6100 3rd Ave N (Fink)
6121 3rd Ave N (Ginty)
6130 3rd Ave N (Markiewicz)
6133 3rd Ave N (Hilborn)
6140 3rd Ave N (Riddle)
6150 3rd Ave N (Redisch)
6157 3rd Ave N (Richards)
6160 3rd Ave N (Vanzill)
6161 3rd Ave N
6220 3rd Ave N (Theiss, Price)
6223 3rd Ave N (Solis)
6245 3rd Ave N (White)
6248 3rd Ave N (Bryson)
6261 3rd Ave N (White)
6262 3rd Ave N (Sholty)
6292 3rd Ave N (Lusky)
6300 3rd Ave N (Carter)
6301 3rd Ave N (Bardes)
6320 3rd Ave N (Bowman)
6330 3rd Ave N
6340 3rd Ave N (Carver)
5801 4th Ave N
5809 4th Ave N
5817 4th Ave N (Jarrett)
5825 4th Ave N
5833 4th Ave N
5841 4th Ave N
5841 4th Ave N
5845 4th Ave N (Curran)
5849 4th Ave N
5851 4th Ave N
5857 4th Ave N
5900 4th Ave N (Pan)
5909 4th Ave N (Degregorio)
5910 4th Ave N (Hulburt)
5915 4th Ave N (Conaromi)
5918 4th Ave N
5919 4th Ave N (Eichenbaum)
5925 4th Ave N (Ciccarella)
5926 4th Ave N (Ciacco)
5933 4th Ave N (Timanum)
5934 4th Ave N
5950 4th Ave N (Evans)
6021 4th Ave N (Cumby)
6027 4th Ave N
6039 4th Ave N (Lancaster)
6049 4th Ave N (Grastorf)
6069 4th Ave N (Epstein)
6115 4th Ave N (Anderson)
6120 4th Ave N (Holland)
6127 4th Ave N
6144 4th Ave N (Morris)
6145 4th Ave N (Amick)
6156 4th Ave N (Covington)
6159 4th Ave N (Hampton)
6171 4th Ave N (Petsche)
6172 4th Ave N (Lika)
6233 4th Ave N (Cleary)
6244 4th Ave N
6247 4th Ave N (Phythian, Colbert)
6258 4th Ave N
6261 4th Ave N (Weaver)
6264 4th Ave N (Carigan)
6282 4th Ave N (Lew)
6455 4th Ave N (Rudewicz)
6467 4th Ave N (Coffman)
6501 4th Ave N (Prince)
6525 4th Ave N (Graves)
6539 4th Ave N (Britt)
6555 4th Ave N (Byrd)
465 58th St N
405 59th St N (Ferrer)
435 59th St N
435 59th St N
465 59th St N
5800 5th Ave N (Flynn)
5808 5th Ave N (Buckler)
5816 5th Ave N (Lee, Rin Lay)
5824 5th Ave N (Pinto)
5832 5th Ave N (Pinto)
5840 5th Ave N (Gallo)
5848 5th Ave N (Lopez)
5856 5th Ave N (Lopez)
5864 5th Ave N (Maynard)
5940 5th Ave N (Laurino, Goldizen)
5944 5th Ave N (Walters)
5950 5th Ave N (Zeoli)
6020 5th Ave N
6030 5th Ave N (Kubiniec)
6040 5th Ave N (Koehler, Streitz)
6050 5th Ave N
6060 5th Ave N (Hayes)
6120 5th Ave N (Godwin)
6132 5th Ave N (Toscano)
6144 5th Ave N
6150 5th Ave N (Shah)
6160 5th Ave N
6180 5th Ave N (Beach)
6200 5th Ave N (Kurant)
6222 5th Ave N (Davis)
6232 5th Ave N (Brattain)
6242 5th Ave N (Collado)
6252 5th Ave N (Taylor)
6262 5th Ave N (Millar)
6272 5th Ave N (Crittenden)
6300 5th Ave N (Johnson)
6320 5th Ave N (Whiteman)
6330 5th Ave N (Ramdohr)
6370 5th Ave N (Nuhanovic)
6382 5th Ave N (Smith)
6400 5th Ave N (Reynolds, Dominguez)
6420 5th Ave N (Feeley)
6430 5th Ave N (Clark)
6440 5th Ave N (Groff)
6450 5th Ave N (Lublin)
6482 5th Ave N (Salvant, Yatsula)
6500 5th Ave N (Newton)
6510 5th Ave N (Erwin)
6520 5th Ave N (Wallace)
6530 5th Ave N (Kiriopoulas)
120 60th St N (Callahan, Peer)
200 60th St N (Casson)
300 60th St N (McDonald)
330 60th St N (Toro, Melendez)
495 60th St N (Wical)
110 61st St N
200 61st St N (Kaminski, Smith)
201 61st St N
231 61st St N (Hendry)
250 61st St N (Fridy)
319 61st St N (Williams)
400 61st St N (Presser)
200 62nd St N (Hitchens)
220 62nd St N (Gibson)
251 62nd St N (Dabney)
263 62nd St N (Mazeika)
110 63rd St N (Yancey)
131 63rd St N (Canning)
210 63rd St N (Sinclair, Roper)
251 63rd St N (Crowley)
322 63rd St N (Winner)
352 63rd St N
200 64th St N (Collins)
244 64th St N (Murphy)
432 64th St N (Sanderson)
129 65th St N (Milham)
225 65th St N (Beauchesne)
230 65th St N (Mayo)
250 65th St N (DeHaven)
315 65th St N (Delgado)
412 65th St N (Everlove)
437 65th St N (Chitikov)
125 66th St N (Roberson)
201 66th St N
213 66th St N
227 66th St N
321 66th St N (Holland)
5927 Burlington (David & Lois Warren)
5935 Burlington (Patrick Alymer)
5943 Burlington
5950 Burlington
5951 Burlington (Anthony & Christine …)
5958 Burlington (Jonathan Simms)
5966 Burlington (Arthur & Frances Donart)
5970 Burlington (Susan Pilon)
6000 Burlington Ave (Szemesi)
6001 Burlington Ave (Orns)
6020 Burlington Ave (Vitale)
6032 Burlington Ave (Brett)
6033 Burlington Ave (Buch)
6044 Burlington Ave (Koehler)
6045 Burlington Ave (Benjamin)
6068 Burlington Ave (Mountain)
6125 Burlington Ave (Minor)
6137 Burlington Ave
6151 Burlington Ave (Foster)
6216 Burlington Ave
6221 Burlington Ave (Hehenberger)
6224 Burlington Ave
6233 Burlington Ave (Waller)
6234 Burlington Ave (Spangler)
6240 Burlington Ave (DePass)
6248 Burlington Ave (Brink)
6256 Burlington Ave (Louden)
6257 Burlington Ave
6269 Burlington Ave
6298 Burlington Ave (Wood)
6301 Burlington Ave (Francis, Baxbaum)
6320 Burlington Ave
6330 Burlington Ave (Barnwell)
6348 Burlington Ave (Hood-Toups)
6357 Burlington Ave
6368 Burlington Ave (Perschino, Chen)
6374 Burlington Ave
6382 Burlington Ave
5908 Dartmouth (Hoopes)
5800 Dartmouth Ave (Sierra)
5801 Dartmouth Ave
5808 Dartmouth Ave
5809 Dartmouth Ave (Wallace)
5816 Dartmouth Ave
5817 Dartmouth Ave (Ankrom)
5824 Dartmouth Ave (Thornhill)
5825 Dartmouth Ave (Powers)
5832 Dartmouth Ave (Duran)
5833 Dartmouth Ave
5840 Dartmouth Ave
5841 Dartmouth Ave (Colesanti)
5848 Dartmouth Ave (Baker)
5849 Dartmouth Ave (Dufort)
5856 Dartmouth Ave (Hoopes)
5857 Dartmouth Ave (Molton)
5918 Dartmouth Ave (Day)
5932 Dartmouth Ave (Brooks)
5933 Dartmouth Ave (Brooks)
5940 Dartmouth Ave (Auselkis)
5941 Dartmouth Ave (Monteforte)
5945 Dartmouth Ave (Lipps)
5951 Dartmouth Ave (Fuller)
6001 Dartmouth Ave (Toro)
6021 Dartmouth Ave (Bell)
6032 Dartmouth Ave
6044 Dartmouth Ave (Martin)
6045 Dartmouth Ave (Miller)
6056 Dartmouth Ave
6068 Dartmouth Ave (Slote)
6071 Dartmouth Ave
6072 Dartmouth Ave (Wey)
6100 Dartmouth Ave (Chaney)
6101 Dartmouth Ave (Rayl, Asif)
6112 Dartmouth Ave (Olmstead)
6121 Dartmouth Ave (Garcia)
6132 Dartmouth Ave (Korf)
6133 Dartmouth Ave
6144 Dartmouth Ave (Ivanov)
6168 Dartmouth Ave (Forrister)
6182 Dartmouth Ave (Azzaro)
6183 Dartmouth Ave (Boler, Frasca)
6200 Dartmouth Ave (Miller)
6220 Dartmouth Ave (Martin)
6221 Dartmouth Ave (Johnson)
6232 Dartmouth Ave (Ousenbery)
6245 Dartmouth Ave
6249 Dartmouth Ave (Pyle)
6268 Dartmouth Ave (Escarraz)
6269 Dartmouth Ave
6283 Dartmouth Ave (Chapman)
6313 Dartmouth Ave (Goode)
6332 Dartmouth Ave (Wiiliford)
6345 Dartmouth Ave
6346 Dartmouth Ave (Evangelista)
6351 Dartmouth Ave (Bender)
6383 Dartmouth Ave
6404 Dartmouth Ave (Grossler)
6425 Dartmouth Ave (Singleton)
6437 Dartmouth Ave (Clark)
6448 Dartmouth Ave (Rawl Et Al)
6449 Dartmouth Ave (Fick)
6461 Dartmouth Ave (Porcaro)
6468 Dartmouth Ave (Norris)
6500 Dartmouth Ave (Scott)
6511 Dartmouth Ave
6521 Dartmouth Ave (Cipriano)
6522 Dartmouth Ave (Ramsdell)
6530 Dartmouth Ave (O'Donnell)
6531 Dartmouth Ave (McCaw)
6532 Dartmouth Ave (Huggins, Packer)
6554 Dartmouth Ave (Cummisk)
224 Eadon Lane (Tuccio)
225 Eadon Lane (Dross)
244 Eadon Lane (Marcia)
245 Eadon Lane (Collins)
321 Lakeshore Dr (Shavlan)
6351 Lakeshore Dr (Hirsch)
6369 Lakeshore Dr (Knippen)
6383 Lakeshore Dr (Blumer)
6420 Lakeshore Dr
6421 Lakeshore Dr (Jay)
6425 Lakeshore Dr
6434 Lakeshore Dr (Sweatt)
Menorah Life (Renee Lipman, Executive…)
213 Palm Lane (Mohler)
336 Palm Lane (McClintic)
212 Palm Lane N
227 Palm Lane N
6501 Pasadena Ave (Brigman)
6562 Pasadena Ave