Meeting Minutes 2/21/23

Opening:  Cathy Parks, LPENA president, convened a general meeting of the Lake Pasadena Estates Neighborhood Association (LPENA) at 6:30 p.m. on February 21, 2023, at Menorah Life. Approximately 45 neighbors were in attendance. Cathy expressed thanks to Menorah Life staff members for use of the lovely facility, setup for a visual presentation by the Urban Planning and Historic Preservation committee, and refreshments. It was moved and seconded that reading of the minutes from the last general meeting, held September 13, 2022, be approved as posted on the website.

City Rezoning Presentation: Cathy then introduced guest speaker Derek Kilborn, Manager of St. Petersburg Urban Planning and Historic Preservation, for his presentation of the committee’s recommended city-wide rezoning, which would include rezoning of two blocks of Lake Pasadena Estates, along 1st Avenue North between 61st and 63rd Streets, from NT-2 (Neighborhood Traditional) to NTM-1 (Neighborhood Traditional Mixed). This would allow single-dwelling properties to become multi-family residences (up to “quadplexes”). The presentation is available on the city’s website: An extensive question and answer period followed; but with time short before the two City Council Public Hearings on March 2 and March 23, Cathy recommended that a working meeting for discussion and planning be resumed at her home, 6083 4th Avenue North, on Tuesday, February 28, at 6:00 p.m.

New Business:

  • 2023 Officers: Cathy presented the Board of Directors nominations for 2023 LPENA officers, as follows:

Niel Allen (President), 331 61st St N,, 727-687-1885.
Cathy Parks (Vice President), 6083 4th Ave N,, 443-388-2421.
Carol Gruszka (Secretary), 6531 Pasadena Ave N,, 727-410-0665.
Treasurer, open to volunteer or nomination from the floor
Lorraine Armstrong (Director), 330 61st Street N,, 727-410-2106
Kent Carroll (Director), 1244 Country Club Rd N,, 727-345-8971.
Ide Gagalis (Director), 6545 4th Ave N,, 727-465-3488.
Liz Marcucci (Director), 6259 1st Ave N,, 630-738-0824.
Cheri Riley (Director), 6310 Burlington Ave N,, 404-944-9992.
Stacy Vermette (Director), 310 61st St N,, 727-455-0565.

Upon opening the floor for the position of treasurer, Alex Ellis volunteered to serve in this capacity (contact info 5924 Dartmouth Ave N,, 727‑282‑2204).


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m. Following adjournment, dues ($25 annually per household) were collected from several neighbors. Others may mail their annual dues to Alex Ellis, Treasurer, or to Carol Gruszka, Secretary. Their contact information is listed above.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Gruszka, LPENA secretary