1963 Christmas Oratorio

For the 1963 Christmas Concert, The Pasco high School Choirs and Orchestra joined forces to perform the Christmas Oratorio by Camille Saint-Saens.  The orchestra, Symphatinas, was conducted by Loren B. Crawford.  The choirs--Modern Choir, Concert Choir, and Chorus--were conducted by A. Dwight Phelps.  The organ was played by Wilbert "Bill" Bode.  The pianist was Linda Wellman

  1. Prelude (Orchestra)
  2. Recitative.  Soloists:  Dourg Baird, tenor; Judee Browning, alto; Nancy Crawford, soprano
  3. Recitative. Soloists:  Pat Means, baritone
  4. Chorus:  Glory Be Unto God
  5. Aria. Soloists Marsha Nelson, soprano
  6. Aria and Chorus.  Soloist, Kathy Wilson, soprano
  7. Duet. Soloists Carol Maxon, soprano; Ray Hamilton, baritone
  8. Chorus:  Wherefore Do the Heathen Clamor?
  9. Trio.  Soloists:  Marsha Nelson, soprano; Caralee Davidson, alto; Dan Snowden, baritone
  10. Chorus:  Alleluia
  11. Quintete.  Carol Maxon, soprano; Beverly Meyer, mezzo soprano; Gaynell Edmondson, alto; Pat Means, tenor; Allen Johnson, baritone
  12. Chorus.  Praise Ye the Lord of Hosts

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