Eulogy and Obituary

Emerson Morgan


The following is what Charlie Morgan remembered of his eulogy to his father.

Emerson Morgan:  Father, mentor, role model, legend.

He taught us:

  • Right from wrong, which is not that tough when coupled with a little common sense.
  • People are more important than things.  Think about it because it makes all the difference.
  • Judge people on their behavior and the ugly overgeneralizations go away.  (Just ask Larry Avery who always visited my home if I was ill.  Both Larry and I had teams from different ends of town; we traveled back and forth to play each other.)
  • The Golden Rule coupled with human kindness goes a long, long way.
  • Each of us is responsible for output, not outcome.
  • Strive to make good decisions.  And when you make a poor one, learn from it.
  • Think positive:  See the glass as half full.  If you can't say anything nice, then keep your mouth shut.  He had a poem in his office entitle, "Drop a pebbled in the water."  The result is an ever expanding burgeoning of ripples.
  • Always try to give your best effort.  If that best effort was not good enough, you are still fine.