Lois Benson

Lois Benson (Kincaid) was another of our irrepressibly high-spirited cheerleaders.  When I asked her to describe her high school days, she said, “Happy times.”  I asked for more.  “I loved it all.  I think I was a good student, that I was well-liked, that I was a leader.  I loved it all:  the dances, the sports, the  friendships.”  She checked off a list of high school friends with whom she has remained friends through the years:  Larry Zeigler, Jay Hendler, Sandy Maurstad, Terry Wynia, and, until his death, Jerry Penny.  Lois married our classmate, Ralph Kincaid in January of 1964 (they are still happily married).  I asked what it was like to marry so young.  “You just made me smile,” she said.  “I was lucky.  I married my best friend.  Ralph and I were always competitive—in school and business.  We never wanted to settle for mediocre.  It is just not in our thinking.  If Ralph and I do something, we do it well.  Even the rows have to be straight in the garden.  We don’t do sloppy.” 

In 1997 Lois and Ralph bought a Windermere Real Estate franchise in Moses Lake, Washington.  They have 14 agents working under their supervision.  You can be sure that their business is not mediocre.