Missing Classmates

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Ann Adams (Wentz)
Bill Allen
Jim Allen
Robert A Anthony
Betty Ash (Stallworth)
Mark Bell
Alice Bias (Roney)
Lynn Bleazard
Teresa Brown (Campbell)
Judee Browning
Barbara L Burns (Guyunn)
Joan Busche (Weihe)
Larry Butler
John Cairns
Wanda Cannon (Rivers)
Cherie Chartrand
Veldon Close
Catherine Crow (Sype)
Stan L Cupp
Thanh Tu Dang
Patricia Donley (St. Hilaire)
Mike Dronen
Betty Ealy
Dale Elverude
Donald Fast
Barbara Fleming
Rick Flieger
Kathy Fogg (Butler)
Charles Gamet
Elaine Gix (Johnson)
Lorne Gordon
Donna Halcomb (Ash)
Ray Hamilton
Ron Herbig
Jim Hull
Margie Jones (Dronen)
Bob Juvenal
Sandra Kahle (Larson)
John W. Knight
Dorothy Kurz (Norgaard)
Gary Lane
Keith Larson
Jim Lunders
Dennis Maguire
Allen McCall
Charlene W. Moore (Frakes)
Steve Moser
Janet Nagley (Mannasmith)
Pat Nooner
Lura Pospical
Mollie Pruitt
Dorothy Reed (Paulson)
Sharon Reynolds (Nevel)
Linda Riddle (Rosane)
Anne Rogers (Horsley)
Sue Romans (Simonton)
Sandy Rose (Cooley)
Vicky Rose (Birkland)
Pamela Rowley (Mayall)
Janice Seybold
Cyril Smith
Rebecca Snyder (Jones)
Mary Jane Stringham (Vail)
Larry Thomas (L)
Cheryl Tolman (Eubank)
Sharon Wagner (Gilge)
Marsha Weber (Schuman)
Susan Weinrich (MacKenzie)
Judith Weltz (Schmeits)
Stan Wolfe

Guest Members

Max P. McCarty (Left Pasco In 1961)