Misc Photos

Jim Devine with George "Lee" Lewandowski in the background. (Photo by Helen Bakshas.)


50th Reunion Banquet, Shilo Inn, Richland, WA, 20 September 2014. (Photo by Phil Wergeland.)


50th Reunion, Friday night mixer, 19 September 2014.  (Photo by Phil Wergeland.)

On top of Badger Mountain.  September 20, 2014

L to R:  Joe Boyd, Sharron Gibbions, Kathy Wilson, Ginger Mitchell, Frank Robinson, Karl Palmer, Janet Cruzen, D'Ova Wallace, David Mills.


After the hike.

Rod and Sara Agassiz.

Frank and Jennifer Robinson

Don Peters


L to R:  Rod Agassiz, Stan Holmes, Karl Palmer, Allen Johnson

A tour of the remodel PHS

Steve Spolek and Terry Wynia


Tom Egan and Lori Walleston

Frank Robinson and Eldon Smith

Photo by Dennis Sierts

Photo by Dennis Sierts


Jim Hull.  Photo by Dennis Sierts