Candy Gregson

  • Candy Gregson (Curtis) is the quintessential angel.  I suspect that description would make Candy blush, but it is difficult to find a noun that describes a person who is so exquisitely kind and composed.  Candy is not outlandish.  She is measured, thoughtful, conscientious, diligent, and . . . sweet-spirited.  Obviously, I like her a lot.  We knew her as the first-chair flutist in band and, moreover, smart as a whip.  She was also the daughter of Mr. Gregson, who many of us saw as a frightful ogre, but who Candy described as a pussycat.  Candy is currently an administrative assistant for a public school in Spokane.   Today, Candy’s grace is being tested.  She lost her husband, Jim, in October of 2011.  As a result, she has a full plate balancing work and home responsibilities.  In her words, “There are so many decisions, meetings, obligations, errands, and minor repairs packed into my after-work hours that I really haven’t had the luxury of thinking of much else.”  And, yet, as you will see, she is managing very well.