Reunion Committee


A heart of service

First, we would like to pay tribute to Lois Davey Osborn who worked so deligently with all our past reunions.  We would have never had a reunion without her leadership.  She deserves a well-warranted vacation from the task.  We just hope that we can match her bulldog tenacity in creating one great reunion after the other.  Thank you Lois!  You have set a high standard.






The 50th class reunion team

We are all part of the same reunion team.  Again and again, classmates ask, "How can I help."  Don't worrry:  You will be called on to lend a hand in one way or another.

Despite the class spirit of service, someone has to take the lead.  Below is a list of five classmates who have stepped up to the challenge.  Please feel free to contact any one of them regarding all class questions or issues.  We want to be able to serve however we can.  After all, we are all bulldogs from the same kennel.




 Project manager.  We are not quite sure what to call Allen.  He rather likes "his worshipfulness," but that seems a little pretentious.  His second choice is "stud muffin," but at his advanced years that doesn't really fit either (not that it ever did).  To be more politically correct, we just think of him as more or less the project manager for the 50th reunion.  He specifies "50th," because after that he would like to turn the reins over to another willing classmate.  Feel free to contact Allen on any class-related issue. 

allenjohnsonphd@charter.net509-627-3000 (Richland, WA)







Co-Website administrator.  We lost Larry Thomas in 2013.  He was a dear friend, remembered for his kindness and loving spirit.  He was responsible for researching and creating the best possible website for our class.  He was enthusiastic through and through.  There is a joke about a dog who was half pitbull and half collie:  He would rip out your throat, but then run for help.  Larry was 100% collie. 











Co-Website Administrator.  Sharon Merchant Bongio is another wizard at the computer.  She took to the website instantaneously.  She takes to website design the way a fish takes to water.  She is responsible for putting together the very cool "Photo Gallery."  We are delighted that she is on the team.  She is another excellent resource when you are ready to submit photographs for our "member photos" page.  She'll make sure they are sized correctly for the best viewing. 832-868-2758 (Houston, TX)







Financial manager.  Jan Cruzen Francis is a pro at accounting.  That's why we were thrilled when she volunteered to take care of our books.  The class has opened up an account to handle such expenses as domain name, website hosting, and, of course, future reunion expenses.  Jan was responsible for setting up the PayPal and Visa donation capabilities of this site.  (And you thought she was only a great cheerleader.)

Any questions regarding class finances can be directed to Jan.

jan@trisafeguard.com509-783-7107 (Tri-Cities, WA)




Many of our classmates have pitched in to organize our 50th reunion.  Below is a photo of many of the stalwarts.  (Absent for the photo was Kathy Kilbury.)